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Bioee October 25, 2007 The Evolution of Food I. Genetically modified foods are dangerous a. Dangerous to human health i. Toxic Effects 1. Monarch butterflies can die from Bt corn 2. Rats have suppression of immune system from Bt along with stomach lining problems 3. Lots of bugs can die from it ii. No documented toxic effects on humans but that’s because we can’t test humans and food b. Dangerous to environment i. Self defeating for farmers ii. Pesticides create pesticide resistant bugs iii. Herbicides can create death-resistant weeds c. Dangerous to Economy i. Large, multi national companies will gain more and more power
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Unformatted text preview: d. Dangerous to Human Dignity i. Fear of unseen dangers/imminent dangers ii. Religious feelings about changing nature iii. Fears of being dominated by huge companies II. Important People a. Bruce Ames i. Eat-Die ii. Scientific Writer iii. Ames test- finds potential carcinogens by using bacteria 1. Common foods with carcinogens 2. Corn, nuts, black peppers, cheese, celery iv. Anticarcinogens: knew less v. Human dietary intake- ingest grams of natural pesticides b. Philip Abelson i. Editor of Science Magazine at the time of Eat-Die article...
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