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Lindzee McCain MC 2525 Section 1 The Persuaders Extra Credit 1)  Song airlines uses demographics and ideological information in order to persuade  potential customers to use their airline.  Their target is specifically women.  They failed  because their parent company failed and their competitor, Jet Blue, used the same  strategies—and they were already established.   The advertisements used said little  about the actual airline—though this is a creative concept, it is very new and it confused  potential customers.  I think that a similar concept could in fact be used, but more 
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Unformatted text preview: information about the airline should be provided. 2) Persuaders are trying to reach audiences through the actual television or movies that they watch. They partner up or pay to have their product featured in the media. Absolut Vodka actually had Sex and the City build a whole show around their product. This is called branded entertainment. Critics worry that as advertisements become integrated into media, the results will become even more homogenous and the new level of clutter will have to be transcended once again....
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