Lyrics - Lyrics and Poetry Aren't they the same? A note...

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Lyrics and Poetry Aren’t they the same? A note from Jimmy Webb A song is a magical marriage between a lyric (some words)and a melody (some notes). It is not a poem. It is not music. It is a gray area of synthesis between language, rhythm, and sound that some of the most acute of all sensors of human emotion lie. Which comes first, lyric or music? Both approaches are used, depending on the circumstances. But if the song is to have a truly melodic nature, the music should come first. More differences Poems are free flowing Lyrics are defined by form and meter Poems can be of any length Lyrics must be concise Poetry can have a visual dimension – giving the reader a chance to go back and reflect on abstractions Lyrics are primarily aural and are absorbed by the ear as the song goes along Is rhyme necessary? A poem does not have to rhyme, and, strictly speaking, a lyric does not either. Rhyme is the repetition of the stressed sound that terminates a line of poetry or lyrics, with the proviso that the consonant preceding it must differ. “Moonlight in Vermont” one of the loveliest of American songs, does not rhyme. First A Section Pennies in a stream Falling leaves of a sycamore Moonlight in Vermont Second A Section Icy finger waves Ski trails on a mountain side Snowlight in Vermont Bridge Telegraph cables, they sing down the highway And travel each bend in the road
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Lyrics - Lyrics and Poetry Aren't they the same? A note...

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