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EARLY EUROPEAN EXPLORATION AND SETTLEMENT AND INDIANS 1. Exploration Begins a. Events that make it possible i. Printing press- introduced in China, but Europeans got a hold of it and used it for the mass production of books. Up to this point, books were hand written and extremely rare and expensive. Even with the printing press, most Europeans still didn't own books-- only the wealthy did. ii. Interesting stories of Marco Polo's adventures prompted people to begin reading about the world around them. iii. Information was more easily passed along because of the printing press. iv. Ship design- the designs of ships were improved-- they were made longer, faster, moveable and easier to navigate. v. Compass- came from China, allows you to know which way you're going, no matter the weather. vi. Political development- the map of Europe doesn't look like it does today. vii. Spain was one of the first nations to form in 1469. 1. In 1492, Spain completed a re-conquest of the Iberian peninsula. For years, the Muslims from North Africa controlled it. These people were seen as outsiders and heathens because they were not Christian. 2. Spain gained control of the Iberian Peninsula. 3. Spain had the resources to fund Columbus' voyage. 4. Spain had a history of fighting "dark-skinned" people that they think are heathens. (Bahamas) b. Important Dates i. 1471 - Western Europeans sailed down to the equator. ii. 1487 - successfully sailed to Southern tip of Africa iii. 1492 - Columbus sails across the Atlantic and discover the "New World" iv. 1522 - Magellan's ships circumnavigate the world (he died during the voyage) c. Spain Explores and Colonizes i. What drives Spain? 1. RICHES AND WEALTH- they are greedy 2. RELIGION- there is a cultural war going on in Europe between the Protestants and Catholics, so Spain wants to spread Catholicism to other parts of the world.
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3. GLORY AND FAME ii. In the early 1500s, Spain has a firm presence in Central and South America and the Bahamas. iii. They concentrated their settlements in areas where there was a greater opportunity to "get rich faster". iv. In 1519, the Aztec empire was conquered by Conquistador Cortez. He did this by getting area Indian groups as allies. Aztec was built by POWER. v. Technology (weapons) and DISEASES helped Cortez easily set up an empire and have victory, although the diseases killed many. vi. Spain had a different pattern of going into leadership power and taking over, BUT it is DIFFERENT than England's pattern of empire building. 1. Spain used INDIANS to GAIN CONTROL of the land. They used few people from Spain, they mostly enlisted the help of Native Americans to generate the wealth and then sent their people back to Spain. 2.
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