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Lord what fools these mortals be – clark terry Kind of Blue was recorded in- 1959 The word funk comes from which period? Hard bop Duke ellington used which vocalist for Black Brown and Beige: MAhalia Jackson Duke Ellignton’s Film Score was: Anatomy of a Murder John Coltrane claimed that he solidified his harmonic concepts after playing with Thelionius Monk Which doesn’t belong? Take the A Train
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Unformatted text preview: , Such Sweet Thunder, Nutcracker Quiz 4: only covers the reading, which is not on final, schedule retest for it also Quiz 3: Hard bop and all miles davis, records for miles and his sidemen, post bop and bitches brew 20 questions 12 mult choice 3 t/f 3 who played what 2 general for everyone, on miles davis Look at the major recordings miles davis made, know when they were made...
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