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Unformatted text preview: The Persuaders Video Guide Correspondent: Douglas Rushkoff 1. Introduction : a high-concept marketing campaign for new low-cost airline Song. Significant terms, people and examples: clutter, Andy Spade 2. Emotional Branding : The new approach to marketing today emphasizes not what the product does but what it means. Significant terms, people and examples: pseudo-spiritual marketing, Douglas Atkin and creating cult-like devotion, Kevin Roberts and lovemarksSaturn Homecoming, Tide, Cheerios 3. Transcending the Clutter: Old advertising models are starting to break down and advertisers are pursuing new techniquesincluding product placementthat blur the boundaries between content and advertising. Significant terms, people and examples: commerce meets contentCastaway and Fed Ex, Absolut Vodka and Sex in the City, BMW short films, American Express...
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