Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Chapter 5 Consciousness awareness of various...

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Chapter 5 Consciousness – awareness of various cognitive processes, such as sleeping, dreaming, concentrating, and making decisions. Waking consciousness – all thoughts, feelings, and perceptions that occur when we are awake and reasonably alert. Altered states of consciousness – mental state that differs noticeably from normal waking consciousness. Explaining Waking Consciousness First, consciousness was psychology’s primary concern. Fell out of favor in early 20 th century. Focus on directly observable, measurable behavior. Change in 1960’s – alternative states of consciousness, rise in cognitive psychology, advances in neuroscience, dissatisfaction with behaviorism. Consciousness and Nonconsciousness Common view – consciousness is only a small peak emerging from a mass of unconscious mental activity. Freud – sexual and aggressive instincts that remain largely hidden. Nonconscious – not in conscious thoughts. Explaining Waking Consciousness Cognitive psychologists – see consciousness as first-person element of information processing – sense of self. Together, different brain centers provide the self with an overall orientation. When something new, unusual, or unexpected occurs, one or more of brain divisions enters consciousness. Consciousness and Adaptation Many of today’s psychologists view consciousness as highly adaptive. Pinker – consciousness is a necessary element of human sociability. Our survival depends on how we get along with the group. James Thurber’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Daydreams – apparently effortless shifts in attention away from here-and-now into a private world of make-believe. Urge to daydream comes in waves about every 90 minutes, peaking between 12 and 2 pm. Average person spends almost ½ waking hours fantasizing. Most daydreams are variations on a central theme – unfulfilled wishes and goals.
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Chapter 5 - Chapter 5 Consciousness awareness of various...

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