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Chapter 11: Gender and Human Sexuality Expanded Learning Objectives Upon completion of Chapter 11, the student should be able to: Textbook Core LO: How are sex and gender defined, and how do we develop our gender roles? What are the major sex and gender differences between men and women? 1. Differentiate between sex and gender, gender identity and sexual orientation, transsexualism and transvestitism, and homosexual and bisexual (pp. 391-393). 2. Define gender role, and describe the two major theories of gender role development: social learning theory and cognitive developmental theory (pp. 393-395). 3. Describe the major sex and gender differences between males and females; and discuss the contributions of nature and nurture on gender differences (pp. 395-397). 4. Define androgyny, and discuss research on the relationship between mental health characteristics and higher scores on masculinity or androgyny (pp. 397-398). Textbook Core LO: How do scientists study a sensitive topic like sex?
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