Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Learning Learning experience or...

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Chapter 6 – Learning Learning – experience or practice results in a relatively permanent change in behavior. Conditioning – acquisition of fairly specific patterns of behavior in presence of well-defined stimuli. Classical Conditioning Classical conditioning (AKA Pavlovian conditioning) – a response naturally elicited by a different, formerly neutral stimulus. Pavlov’s conditioning experiments – was studying digestive processes. (in dogs) The dogs salivated before the food was in their mouths. Pavlov came up with an experiment where he sounded a bell just before the food was brought into the room. Elements of Classical Conditioning 1. Unconditioned stimulus – UCS – a stimulus that invariably causes an organism to respond in a specific way. (The dog food). 2. Unconditioned response – UCR – a response that takes place in an organism whenever UCS occurs. (Drooling). 3. Conditioned stimulus – CS – originally neutral stimulus is paired with UCS; eventually produces desired response when presented alone. 4. Conditioned response – CR – after conditioning, response an organism produces when only CS is presented. Classical Conditioning in Humans Phobias – irrational fears of particular things, activities, or situations. Little Albert study by Jon Watson and Rosalie Rayner. Started by showing Albert a white rat. Every time he approached the rat, experiments made a loud noise by striking a steel bar. Eventually he cried whenever he saw a rat.
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Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Learning Learning experience or...

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