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MC2525 Extra Credit Opportunity Al Gore has won an Academy Award and a Nobel Peace Prize for his persuasive efforts in raising awareness about climate change (aka global warming!) For this extra credit, watch the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” in class on Monday and identify the following: 1) TWO ways that Al Gore uses strategies of electronic eloquence to communicate. 2) ONE way that he uses evidence to make an inductive argument. Requirements: There are 5 different characteristics of electronic eloquence (see pp. 201-208). Find examples of two different characteristics. There are 3 different types of evidence that are commonly used in inductive reasoning
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Unformatted text preview: (examples, lay/expert testimony and statistics/research). Identify one instance in which Gore uses evidence to make his argument. • In your extra credit submission, please do the following: (1) Number and identify which persuasive features you are discussing; (2) Describe specifically how Al Gore demonstrates each feature in the movie; and (3) Discuss whether you think his electronic eloquence strategies are actually persuasive. • One-page maximum DUE DATE: MONDAY, APRIL 14, AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS...
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