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Feb 11 Lecture Outline

Feb 11 Lecture Outline - • Demographic Identification age...

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Feb 11: The Audience I. Finish “News as Persuasion”  News Media Organizations - External Considerations Relationships with parent companies - Stories that offend are avoided because they could be concerned with legal  pressure. - Stories about corporate interests are ignored.  Example, ABC’s story on Disney  hiring sex offenders and killing it, then Disney’s president’s comment. Relationships with advertisers  - Threats of advertiser boycotts influence stories.  Ex 60 minutes episode on use  of pesticides on food, fruit advertisements withdrawn. II. Introduction:   Who watches the Superbowl? Broader ages and types of audiences.  Not necessarily small children or the elderly.  Upper and  middle class.  1/3 women,  ¼  African American.  III. IDENTIFICATION with the Audience
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Unformatted text preview: • Demographic Identification- age, sex, race, etc. • Shared Circumstances- • Ideological Identification- concerns beliefs and assumptions that we might have-Shared cultural beliefs (broad)- core ways of thinking a society might have; mainstream public opinion-Group-specific norms- women (botox, dove, etc) II. Key Characteristics of Contemporary Audiences A. Size • Strategies: Broadcasting vs. Narrowcasting B. Primary Audiences vs. Secondary Audiences (unintended) C. Anonymity D. Audience Control • Control over reception of messages • Control over production of messages Felicia Song, Spring 2008 Not to be Used Without Permission-User-generated content Felicia Song, Spring 2008 Not to be Used Without Permission...
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