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BioEE- Discussion Section September 10, 2007 Assignment: 8 pages 2400 word limit Darwin’s Treatment of Natural Selection After Chapter 4- Purpose I. Essay a. Emphasis on Natural Selection i. Does it have a purpose? Yes or no? ii. Darwin seems to think it does sometimes, and thinks it does NOT at other times. iii. “Darwin believed that Natural Selection did (not) have a purpose.” = THESIS iv. Pick points that support thesis and expand on them v. Refer to statements on assignment paper and discuss them (Address ALL of them) b. Suggestions on back of assignment sheet c. DO DIFFERENT SECTIONS i.
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Unformatted text preview: Intro/ Thesis ii. Section 1 – Point 1 supporting thesis iii. Section 2 – Point 2 supporting thesis iv. Section 3 – Point 3 supporting thesis v. Wrap up/Conclusion II. Discussion a. Purpose v. goal v. initiative v. what is happening b. Long time periods v. short time periods i. Ice age v. Hurricane Katrina 1. Does “purpose” stay the same? 2. Does natural selection pick a trait to “design” and continue to design trait until it is perfect? (Equilibrium) c. Natural selection acts upon TRAIT, NOT individual. d. Isolation i. Geography ii. Social...
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