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ECE 212 Lecture 20 1 ECE 212 Digital Circuits II Monday, 14 April 2008 HW Set 20: Problem 1 No presenter. Problem 2 Hank B. Problem 3 Chris D. Problem 4 Steve H. Problem 5 Bill H. Problem 6 Andrew J. Problem 7 Mark K. Today's Goals To introduce the C prgramming language. On-line tutorials: http://www.iu.hio.no/~mark/CTutorial/CTutorial.html http://www.le.ac.uk/cc/tutorials/c/
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Lecture 20 2 The C Programming Language Used to (re)write much of the Unix kernel. One of the first operating system kernels not written in assembly language. Provides low-level access, bit operations. Considered a substitute for assembly language. A structured language. Structure: Single entry point, exit point. if ( ) else, switch( ),for ( ), while ( ), do while ( ) A ‘loose’ language. Very flexible, powerful. Unintended results are very possible. Uses functions (subroutines). main is a function. Compilers are available for many processors. Includes in-line assembly language. Is a standard (ANSI C). Portability. Caution We are using ‘embedded’ C . . . For the 68HC12. No standard libraries of functions. . . . not standard C. No standard I/O functions (stdio.h). DBug12 (written in C) has some available functions: getch( ) strlen( ) putch( ) strcpy( ) printf( ) toupper( ) No fancy math functions (math.h). But . . .
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lec20 - ECE 212 Lecture 20 ECE 212 Digital Circuits II...

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