BioEEOctober3 - dumb babies Eugenics and Race idea that...

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BioEE October 3, 2007 Eugenics Francis Galton (1889) “The science of the improvement of the human race by better breeding” Early Eugenics: Breeding humans for better humans were as common as breeding wheat for better wheat. Parents chose suitor for kid. Connections between animal breeding and human breeding were very strong. Mendelian Inheritance was discovered (1890) and then it was thought Eugenics were real possibility. Charles Benedict Davenport (held all money for research): Hereditary in Relation to Eugenics (1911) covered inheritance of family traits, especially disease and undesirable behavior. Found links with: Inherited Medical Conditions, Human Traits Argues for: standard sterilization of mental defects, incorrigible criminals in jails, voluntary eugenics for everyone else, eugenics counseling Eugenics grew rapidly after 1900 Eugenics bloomed everywhere in the world Birth control would cause population explosion: smart People would take it, dumb people wouldn’t and have dumb babies which would have more
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Unformatted text preview: dumb babies Eugenics and Race: idea that human races were so different, there needed to be laws to prevent race crossing. Each country had a different group, not just negroes were considered to be different. After 1945 Eugenics declines: Human heredity was far more unknown than Davenport hoped, and Nazi and other atrocities committed in the name of eugenics gave it bad name Eugenics is back: Genetic Counseling! • In vitro fetilization • Sex determination • Genetic screening of parents and fetus • Sperm donation by famous man whether father is infertile or not • Soon: cloning Eugenics in the future: • Problem of resources: water and energy • Will become popular because of the knowledge now of eugenics and the lack of resources o Fertility prevented before age 21 o One child rule o Parents must have license to have child Computers will be smarter than humans in 50-100 years...
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BioEEOctober3 - dumb babies Eugenics and Race idea that...

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