BioEEOctober11 - vi Hawaiian honey Creepers killed off by imported Brazilian Cardinals vii Bonin Night Heron Laughing Owl Small parrots Cuban Red

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BioEE October 11, 2007 Edward O’ Wilson: Modern day conservationist- trying to get us to survive I. Extinction a. Fate of almost all species b. Nothing special about it c. Just as frequent as speciation or reproduction d. Most species have lifetime of 10 million years i. Horseshoe crabs (still alive) same phenotype for 300 million years ii. Elephant bird: 10 feet tall, dominated Madagascar for 60 million years iii. Giant Moa: New Zealand for 100 million years, 13 feet high iv. DoDo: 50 lbs, member of the dove family v. Passenger Pigeon: The babies were a delicacy, and adult meat was cheapest on the market; used to be most common bird in America
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Unformatted text preview: vi. Hawaiian honey Creepers: killed off by imported Brazilian Cardinals vii. Bonin Night Heron, Laughing Owl, Small parrots, Cuban Red Macaw, Guadeloupe Amazon, starlings (mimic birds), song birds, Rodriguez Greater Tortoise viii. 25,000 species of beetles (and twice as many species of parasitoid wasps) II. Alfred Russell Wallace? III. David Raup a. “Extinction” bad luck or bad genes? b. Definition of species: a species is a species if a competent taxonomist says it is c. Species: Group of individual organisms that share a common pool of genetic material (genome)...
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