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ECON101_InformationGuide - Resources for Economics...

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Resources for Economics Information Guide for students of ECON 101 FIND IT! ECON 101 Guide http://mannlib.cornell.edu/instruction/courserelated/faculty_guides/ Find databases categorized by subject at: http://findit.library.cornell.edu Library Catalog https://catalog.library.cornell.edu Library Gateway for all Library Services http://library.cornell.edu TALK TO A LIBRARIAN Baseema Krkoska Librarian, Albert R. Mann Library Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Wednesdays, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. or email for appointment Camille Andrews Librarian, Albert R. Mann Library Email: [email protected] Email for appointment Email, Phone or Chat Email: [email protected] Call: (607) 255-5406 Chat at http://www.library.cornell.edu/services/askalib.html Goals of Instruction To familiarize you with scholarly and statistical resources for economics information.
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Template created by Baseema Banoo Krkoska; Modified by Camille Andrews Page 2 10/4/2007 You need to find at least 5 references to scholarly or peer-reviewed articles, primary research data and general economic theory on the effect of increased demand for milk on the dairy market. WHERE DO YOU START? FOR ARTICLES (& DATABASES THEY CAN BE FOUND IN): o Go to http://findit.library.cornell.edu o Use Quick search for a 1-2 word search for articles of any kind in any subject o Select a subject area and do a 1-2 word search for just a few articles of any kind in your area of interest, (e.g., Statistical Information or Economics) o MOST EFFECTIVE FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT! Select a database and do a comprehensive search or find specific kinds of information (5 recent peer-reviewed articles, primary research data, etc) Enter a database name in Quick Search (e.g. Econlit) and search. Click on title to enter database. Use this guide, the ECON 101 guide ( http://library.cornell.edu/services/econ101.html ) or Research and Subject guides to see which databases to use ( http://www.library.cornell.edu/services/guides.html ). Click on the description link to read more about what the database provides.
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ECON101_InformationGuide - Resources for Economics...

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