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Assignment 6.2 Sport Report: Drills & Plyometrics Directions:In this section you learned about speed and agility drills and plyometrics.After viewing the lessons, complete a drills and plyometric workout. Practice at least TWO of the speed and agility drills. Practice at least TWO of the plyometric exercises.Lateral Running Forward Running Create and perform one additional drill or exercise.Diagnal running so i can move better Your workout should beat least15 minutes total (take breaks as needed). Take your heart rate at least one time during your workout.204 If you do not have access to recommended equipment, use similar items or complete the workout without equipment—going through the same motions. When you are finished, report on your experience by answering the questions below. Have you had experience with agility drills or plyometrics before?If so, describe your experience. (1 pt)
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Unformatted text preview:• Which plyometric exercises from the lesson did you perform? (1 pt) Box jumps • Was it difficult to do? Explain. (2 pts) No it just was harder the taller te boxes got • What was your heart rate during your workout? (1pt) 193• Was your heart rate higher or lower than usual (during a workout)? (1 pt)Higher • What additional drill or plyometric exercise did you create or perform? Describe it. (4 pts) Clapping push ups because I thought it would be to practice it • Would you make agility drills or plyometrics a part of your regular exercise routine? Why or why not? (3 pts) Yes they are not very long but increase your stamina • What suggestions would you have for someone else who is considering trying this activity? (3 pts) Push yourself the first time becuase it makes it easier the 2nd time • How would you rate your proficiency in completing the jump rope exercises as instructed: poor, acceptable, proficient, or excellent? (2 pt) Proficient