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Unformatted text preview: - self serving bias tendency to over rate oneself - extremely common trait - leeds to error - impossible to correct someone who does not understand in the first place that they have made an error. Communication Lecture 5 APS 112 Engineering Strategies and Practice Conceptual Design Specification Executive Summary Problem Definition (Background) revised from your Problem Definition & Project Plan Problem Statement Identification of Stakeholders Functions Objectives Constraints Service environment Client ethics and values Alternatives considered Proposed conceptual design Plan for detailed design Outstanding decisions (with associated metrics) Preliminary Implementation requirements Preliminary life-cycle and environmental impact Preliminary human factors Preliminary social impact Preliminary economics Conclusion References Principle #1 Write as little as possible to give your client as much complete, accurate, supported and RELEVANT information as possible. Priniciple #2 only credible statements no adjectives unless they give tangible info. no advertising language. 1 Can we leave out a section? Yes, if you are convinced there would be no content in the section Do not do the following: Implementation Requirements There are no implementation requirements. However, if you are omitting a section, you must be absolutely sure that there is no relevant material for it! Alternatives section The heart of this document Alternatives must ALL be feasible Theoretically, client should be able to choose an alternative rather than the recommended solution Documenting Decision Making Putting judgment in objective language Active voice 1st person Passive voice Team in 3rd person Use first person when you are clearly making a judgment Use third person or passive voice when describing a process that quantifies or objectifies decision making 2 What about a solution driven client? - recommended solution must match clients needs as agreed upon in PD/PMP, no matter what objective you have come up with. - client need weight objectives in decision making process. - make all alternatives as persuasive as possible so that at some future date if client need changes client can choose diff. alternative Proposed conceptual design Give details of what you know now You may also refer to the "proposed conceptual design" as the "recommended conceptual design" or "recommended solution." YOU MAY NOT REFER TO IT AS "THE FINAL SOLUTION." With what you know now, what do you need to find out in order to write the Final Design Specification? Example of proposed metric A metric we would like to address and meet is that of sound generated from the operation of the design. According to the "League for the Hard of Hearing" [1], sound levels in a quiet library are at 40 decibels, ideally. This metric can be measured through a Sound Level Meter. 3 Plan for detailed design - preview of final design specification - indicate reliable scope What are you going to deliver at the end of term? Outstanding decisions - details required further research : How are you going to choose between options? Preliminary Implementation Requirements What do you already know abt implementation: - constraints, budget, space, virtual environment - prototype vs manufacturing - what do you need to find amount? - codes standards, costs? options for implementation 4 Preliminary life-cycle and environmental impact - scope what part of lifestyle is relevant to design decisions. Can you make it at this point? Eg- re-used or recycled parts or material rather than new parts or material Preliminary human factors KEY reltionships between ppl and technology - ure client has not read "The Human Factor", no not just refer to term in back as if they are universally understood but translate then into plain language. - if are level of human tech ladder if not relevant, do not include it Preliminary social impact - brainstorm short term and long term implications of design - of that list identify implication you have discussed with client. - identify implications you have to research in order ot make credible Which is an external cost? Is list comprehensive? 5 Preliminary economics - key costs : capital costs : operating costs External costs - refer to life cycle and social impact sections Conclusion Recommended solution = recommendation of report Reaffirm key reasons for recommendation Give reader a sense of what is to come "In planning for the detailed design, we will contact companies that manufacture and install compact shelving units, and obtain concrete numbers (prices, dimensions, accessibilities, loading factors, etc). We will generate floor plans and 3D physical models of the library before and after implementing the solution to show the difference in the spacing." Do not add new information Attribution Table Dealing with Hitchhikers and Couch Potatoes Leadership means creating buy-in for all team members Dealing with team members who hate this course 6 ...
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