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1 Engineering Sketching What is a sketch? • A sketch is an informal drawing of a physical object. It has appropriate proportions but is drawn by hand. • Schematics and flowcharts are other types of diagrams that can be drawn informally. • A sketch is not a scribble, nor is it a full CAD drawing. Why draw a sketch? • Sketching is a quick and concise way of recording and communicating ideas. Orthographic drawings are a set of 2D projections of the 3D object. They are used for presenting unambiguous information to the machine shop. Generally, only 3 drawings are needed: top, front, and r/side or l/side.
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2 3D Drawings 3D Drawings Exercise: Draw a camera in orthographic and perspective views. Hint: To draw circular contours, use light guidelines. Draw a square that contains the circle, then draw the vertical and horizontal midline axes.
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Unformatted text preview: 3 Dimensions Generally, much more formal drawings are required for the machine shop. However, in some cases, you may want to add dimensions to a simple drawing for clarity New software sketch tools Google: Sketchup Cornell: 3D Journal These design tools are also being added to larger Computer aided design packages. Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing: CAD/CAM Computer aided design Build objects in 3D automatically produce the appropriate shop drawings. CAD drawings can be linked directly to Rapid Prototyping machines for producing models, or to CNC machines for fabrication of finished parts. CAD is not a substitute for sketching because it cannot be done quickly. CAD Software: e.g. Autocad, Pro-Engineer, Solid Works...
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Engineering_Sketching - 3 Dimensions Generally, much more...

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