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Project success: Works - meets requirements - meets goals (the problem statement) - customer happy *large field definition – all stakeholders included On time - meets time requirements - time scheduling ON budget: - meets cost estimate - financial scheduling Time: - activities take time - not all resources are used 100% of the time - activities can be done n parallel, but some will finish before others( difference in time is slack) Plan: Work definition Time schedule Cost schedule All of the above are resources Project basics Activity: some identifiable defined bound piece of work be executed by an identifiable defined bounded set of resources Project basics - 2 Milestone: a point in the project when n activity or group of related activities is complete. Often these are defined at the pints where funding takes place, or there are significant changes taking place in the nature of the activities of the project
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Unformatted text preview: Resources: People, tools, money, materials, andme 6 Resources are tied to activities and times and costs are determined 7 Tasks are put into order. Some tasks must follow predecessors but can be done parallel with others. Questions to answer: How soon can the project start? When must the project be done? When must the project be done to maximize profit? Added costs to finish sooner vs Lost income Productivity:-units of work per unit of time line of code per day tones of product pet hour volume of flow per second-unit of time per unit of work Unit cost-cost per unit of work or product-$/kwh Caution: Straight division of time requirement by number of resources by number resources generates sometimes questionable numbers This is often a very simplistic approximation...
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Project success - Resources People tools money materials...

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