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Feb 7 - return*this Time Time:operator(cosnt Time&t...

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Feb 7, 2006, ECE106 Objects with pointers Struct _time{ Int hour, minute, second; }; Class Time{ Private: Struct _time* tt; Public: ….. }; //constructor { tt=new struct _time; } //destructor { Delete tt; } Time Time::operator=(Time t){ This->tt->hour=t.tt->hour; tt->minute=t.tt->minute; tt->second=t.tt->second;
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Unformatted text preview: return (*this); } Time Time::operator+(cosnt Time &t) const{ Time* psum; Psum=new Time(); Return(psum); } z.operator=(x.operator+(y)); Time::Time(Time &t){ tt->hour=t.tt->hour; tt->minute=t.tt->minute; tt>second=t.tt->second; }...
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