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Jan 30 - Day=other.day Month=other.month/main.cc#include...

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Jan 30, 2006, ECE106 Classes/Objects //Definition – dayofyear.h //------------------------------------------------ class DayofYear{ private: int day; int month; public: void setDay(int d); void setMonth(int m); void print(); void copy(DayofYear other); }; //--------------------------------------------------- //Implementation – dayofyear.cc //--------------------------------------------------- #include “dayofyear.h” Void DayofYear::setDay(int d){ Day=d; } Void DayofYear::setMonth(int m){ Month=m; } Void DayofYear:print(){ Cout<<day<<” “<<month<<endl; } Void DayofYear::copy(DayofYear other){
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Unformatted text preview: Day=other.day; Month=other.month; } //------------------------------------------------------//main.cc //------------------------------------------------------#include “dayofyear.h” Int main(){ DayofYear FIrstofJuly; DayofYear Christmas; FirstofJuly.day=1; //illegal – private variable FirstofJuly.month=7; //illegal FirstofJuly.setDay(1); FirstofJuly.print(); FirstofJuly.copy(Christmas); Return 0; } //---------------------------------------------------------%g++ -c main.cc %g++ -c dayofyear.cc %g++ main.o dayofyear.o –o main.exe...
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Jan 30 - Day=other.day Month=other.month/main.cc#include...

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