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Jan 31, 2006, ECE106 Constructors/Destructors Class DayofYear{ Private: Int day; Int month; Public: DayofYear(); //constructor (default) DayofYear(int d, int m);//constructor ~DayofYear();// destructor Void setDay(int); Void setMonth(int); Void print(); }; //-----in implementation---------
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Unformatted text preview: DayofYear::DayofYear(){ Day=0; Month=0; } DayofYear::DayofYear(int d, int m){ Day=d; Month=m; } //--------DayofYear FOJ(1,7); DayofYear* myBirthday; myBirthday = new DayofYear; myBirthday->setDay(5); myBirthday = new DayofYear(5,5); cout<<myBirthday->print();...
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