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Unformatted text preview: 47 Quality Engineering Quality engineering ensures that designs are implemented as intended: parts meet specs. etc. Quality Control (QC) is the monitoring of process to produce a predictable and consistent output. Variability in the manufacturing and performance of a product is the enemy of quality. Modern concepts of quality control are based on statistical methods. Design for Inspectability Maintainability - design systems with inspection and dealing with mainanance in mind prolong lifetime minimize chance of in-service failure 4 Design for Inspectability Maintainability: Principles - components that are suspectable to wear, fatigue etc - regular inspection - should be easy to inspect and replace - design sacrificial parts that are easy to replace - specify regular maintenance so in-service failure Ex. Water Pumps for the third world Throughout Africa, access to potable water is a significant problem Standard Piston Pumps can be made inexpensively from PVC tubing. When they break, however, very difficult to maintain. The Challenge: Design a pump that can be maintained using only local materials available in rural Africa. Note that it is not necessary that the pump be built using only local materials. 5...
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