Same profit more safety early life useful life

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Unformatted text preview: or same profit more safety early life useful life warranty life BURN-IN SHIP burn in period 2 optimum total cost preshipment cost postshipment cost Simple example of mathematics of reliability engineering Bolts have a distribution of strengths Simple Approach Reliability Engineering Tolerance for risk is different for bolts used in swingsets or airplane propellors. Numerical approach to reliability 3 Design for Maximizing Reliability: Principles Overdesign: Derating: Simplicity: Redundancy: Durability: Damage Tolerance: Failsafe: Inspectability/Maintainability: Specificity: safety factor safety factor for non structured eg - motor few moving parts parallel systems or components choose durable materials resistant to corrosion, wear, fatigue allow for partial damage without failure failure is not catastrophic regular maintenance be specific in design - materials tolerance etc. Based on Dieter, pg. 5...
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