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1 Communication Lecture 3 APS 112 Engineering Strategies and Practice Problem Definition and Project Management Plan ± Cover page ± Executive Summary ± Problem Definition (background) - Problem Statement - Identification of Stakeholders - Functions - Objectives - Constraints - Service Environment - Client ethics and values ± Project Plan ± Conclusion/Recommendation ± Reference list ± Appendices – with graphical material related to the design ± Attribution Table ± Declaration of Original Authorship - NEW Client Ethics and Values ± Specific ethical policies and/or client values that may impact design choices, costs or implementation. ± These values may relate to labour practices, aesthetics, cultural values or environmental, social, political or human concerns
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2 Project Plan ± Use Microsoft Project to generate a plan including: 1. Detailed work breakdown structure 2. Precedence relationships between activities 3. Assignment of resources 4. Critical path Conclusion/Recommendation ± Summarize key points and bring document to a
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CommunicationLecture3 - fsdfsfdsf Communication Lecture 3...

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