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Unformatted text preview: Embodiment and Final Design Turning conceptual ideas into working designs The conceptual design part is the "fun" part. There is often a lot of hard work needed to implement the conceptual design Taken from ESP Text, G.E.Dieter 1 Embodiment Design Optimization Original Optimized From: Ulrich, "Computation and Pre-Parametric Design" Taken from http://medicine.wustl.edu/~klaesnej/BME/present/DesignOverview2006 Analysis/Modelling - stress/strain etc. -move detailed than BOTE - for final design spec :- materials, dimensions Simulation package: - fluids -fluent - solid mechanics -analysis 2 Prototyping - checking final assembly :- geometric compatibility - test human interface - test performance - aerodynamics, crash, energy, etc. - note that as computational methods become more and more powerful prototyping becomes less important Prototyping (circa 1947) Science Illustrated, Oct. 1947 Rapid Prototyping Modern prototyping methods such as Fused Deposition Modelling can produce functional load bearing plastic parts from ABS and other engineering polymers. http://www.stratasys.com/NA/index.html http://www.caip.rutgers.edu/~kbhiggin/VDF/FDM.html 3 Detail Design - final step prior to FDS - reporting, production - detailed analysis of stresses etc - exact specification - "recipe" - drawing have to include dimensions, tolerances - components - wiring - process details - bill of materials - quotations Component Selection - Thomas register - McMaster - Carr - Applications engineers work for suppliers Eg - 3M will give advice on which adhesive to use Instructions for design - blueprints - specifications - schematics 4 ...
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