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recursion - Char list[2[10 Cin>>list[0...

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Int main(int argc, char *argv[]) //argv – array if c-strings { //command line parameters cout<<”argc = “<<argc<<endl; for(int I =0; I<argc; I++) cout<<”argv[“<<I<<”]=”<<ergv[I]<<endl; return 0; } $./lab6.c James Tom argc=3 argv[0]=./lab6 argv[1]=James argv[2]=Tom Void swap(char s[], char t[]);
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Unformatted text preview: Char list[2][10]; Cin>>list[0]; Cin>>list[1]; Long fact(long n) { assert(n>=0); if(n==0) return 1; else return n*fact(n-1); } void printVertical(int x) { int lastDigit=x%10; int frontFigits=x/10; if(frontDigits!=0) printVeritcal(frontDigits); cout<<LastDigit<<endl; }...
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