Stacks - -peek get value of next element to be removed...

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Stacks, Queues, Insertion Sort -both special cases of lists -stacks defined as doing insertions and deletions only at one end of the list (head or tail) and never in the middle -queues do insertions at one end and deletions at the other Stacks Queues Add Head(“push”) Tail(“enqueue”) Remove Head(“pop”) Head(“dequeue”) Type Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) First-In, First-Out (FIFO) Uses -poles in the Towers of Hanoi -evaluation of expressions -function calls -process scheduling in OS -message server for internet chat room -calls arriving at a call center -printer queue Standard Queue and Stack operations -create/initialize -need to set head, tail pointers to null, or -allocate array space -add – push/enqueue -remove –pop/dequeue -returns the stored value -error if stack/queue is empty -isEmpty – status of the stack/queue -isFull -useful for array implementations -error to push/enqueue if full
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Unformatted text preview: -peek get value of next element to be removed without removing it-clear less common, usually just process to empty Insertion Sort-same rough efficiency of selection sort T(n) proportional to n2-recall merge sort T(n) prop to nlogn-a different solution for same problem (6;3,5,8,2) //before ; - already sorted, after to be sorted-assume first m elements sorted-want forst m+1 elements to be sorted-take element m+1 out-shift all elements in 1 st m that are greater than m+1 st element 1 to the right temp 3 (6; , 5, 8, 2) ( , 6; 5, 8, 2) (3, 6; 5, 8, 2) void insertionSort(int arr, const int length) { for(int top=1;top<length; top++){ int temp = arr[top]; int I=top; while(I>0 && temp<arr[I-1]){ arr[I]=arr[I-1]; //shift one to the right i--; } arr[I]=temp; //move new element into blank, left by shifting } }...
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Stacks - -peek get value of next element to be removed...

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