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RELIGION 1010.01G The Timeline Choate 10,000 BCE Stone Age settlements built in Canaan 9000 BCE First permanent settlement occurs at Jericho 3200 BCE Sumerian city-states form, cuneiform writing is invented, ziggurats built 3000 BCE First nation-state develops in Egypt 2500 BCE First Egyptian pyramids, priest class develops 2330 BCE Akkadian Sargon I establishes first empire in Mesopotamia 1850 – 1700 BCE Nomadic Hebrews wander Fertile Crescent, time of biblical patriarchs 1700 BCE Hammurabi of Babylon produces early law code 1500 BCE Stonehenge is built in England, Veda is written in India 1250 BCE Moses leads Israelites out of Egypt, establishes worship of Yahweh 1200 BCE Israelites settle in Canaan 1000 BCE David is king of united Israel 950 BCE Solomon builds first permanent temple in Jerusalem, “J” historical document may have been written 922 BCE Israel splits into the two kingdoms of Judah (south) and Israel (north). 850 BCE
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