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Studio Observation - Tyler Casey AET 1380 Observation#1...

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Tyler Casey AET 1380 2-18-2008 Observation #1 Session Specifics: Date/time: Feb. 14 10pm-1am Type of session: tracking Studio: CMB Studio B Engineer: Bert Elliot Assistant Engineer: Will Presley Producer: David Sintron Song: Rock cover of Umbrella by Rihanna Equipment: Console: Neve SSL Tape/HD: Studor 827 - 24 tracks / Radar Speakers: General X Instrument Mic kick AKG D112, Neumann U87  overhead  Audiotechnica 4033 (2) snare Shure SM57 toms Sennheiser 421 Hi hat pencil condenser – unknown brand guitar cabinet Shure SM57, Sennheiser 421 bass cabinet RE20 plus DI
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I arrived at the Massey building at about 9:55, 5 minutes before the scheduled session was supposed to begin. When I walked up to the door, it came to my surprise that I was locked out. I stood at the door in hopes that someone inside would see me and let me in. This lasted for about 5 minutes before I decided to head down to the entrance on the bottom of the building. When I got there, I still could not get in. I waited for about 10 more minutes and tried pushing the buzzer and knocking on the door. I even tried calling the one person I knew who would be inside. Finally, I was lucky enough for someone to walk by the door and hear me knocking. When I walked into the studio, I found the engineers and one musician setting up for the Valentine’s night recording session. The first thing I did was to check out all the equipment they were using and how the instruments and microphones were set up. On the drums, they had 7 microphones. Two were on the kick. And AKG D112 was set
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Studio Observation - Tyler Casey AET 1380 Observation#1...

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