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Han 1 WRT 102.14 10/1/07 Such Great Heights Randolph Bourne, author of The Handicapped , an account of the “handicapped experience”, writes “When one, however, is in full possession of his faculties, and can move about freely, bearing simply a crooked back and an unsightly face, he is perforce drawn into all the currents of life… For he has all the battles of a stronger man to fight, and he is at a double disadvantage in fighting them.”(P. 57) In my opinion, both Bourne and Hall would agree with the idea that our identities are socially constructed. This idea is relatively apparent in the way that people are divided into ethnic, economic, and social groups. There is, after all, a certain way in which the general public expects a poor man to behave and the same for the rich man. I believe that Hall would take this “handicap” as a reason to simply fill his “role” in society. I do not think, however, that Bourne would agree with the fact that this pre-determined “construction” of the identity is an excuse to give up, whether it is lifelong ambitions or merely surviving. Throughout the essay, Bourne rarely ever really specifies his definition of “handicapped”. On the contrary, he constantly refers to the subject in a general way, saying things such as “personal disability” (P. 63 The Handicapped ). I believe he does this on purpose in order to highlight the fact that disabilities come in many different forms. Some come in the appearance of the apparent and obvious, such as being in a wheelchair, and others, such as being below the poverty line, are not as plain and evident. Not being able to walk and not being able to purchase food for your wife and
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InquiryEssayFinal - Timothy Han WRT 102.14 Such Great...

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