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Timothy Han LDS/GLS 102 3/24/08 Empowering the U.N. Since its prudent beginnings under the moniker of the League of Nations, the United Nations has been an institution built upon the promotion of international relations. The medium which this was to be accomplished was through international dialogue between the leaders and ambassadors of the organization’s various member nations. Above all else, however, one must consider the context in which this institution was founded. The world was, for the most part, reeling from the aftermath of the First World War, one of the bloodiest conflicts in the history of the world as we knew it. It is apparent that the creation of the League of Nations was for the prevention of global conflict, especially those with the potential deadliness to rival that of the First World War. With that being said, World War I obviously has not been the last major conflict in the history of the world. They have ranged from a second World War to genocide and the list goes on. Of course, we cannot expect the organization to be perfect right as its formations, but it has been a little less than a century now since its creation, yet still countless conflicts have arisen resulting in little, if any, United Nations intervention. One particular incident occurred in the African Republic of Rwanda, where a full- fledged case of genocide broke out between extremist militias and their dissenters in 1994. Over the course of roughly one hundred days, over half a million were killed. Estimates for the total deaths have amounted to anywhere from nine hundred thousand to
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UNEmpowermentEssay - Timothy Han LDS/GLS 102 Empowering the...

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