3.17 American Studies 100

3.17 American Studies 100 - Puritan(Winthrop and Bradford...

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American Studies 100 Wednesday March 17th, 1999 Announcements: Class was Canceled due to Prof. Selzer's illness Recitation classes are still on schedule Lecture notes: Recitation Think about the relationship between religion, state, and the individual and how each is expressed differently in the following: "Religion" - Query XVII, Jefferson "What is an American" (III) - Crevecoeur " Model of Christian Charity" - Winthrop " Exclusion of Heretics" - Winthrop " Of Plymouth Plantation" - Bradford ** Also take into consideration the time frame and the American landscape
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Unformatted text preview: Puritan (Winthrop and Bradford) • Direct relationship between the three • They go hand in hand • Private property not an option • Having a place for religious practice, but not for other religions Jefferson • Separation of Church and State • Join State and Individual • Opportunities • Individuals comprise the State • Rid false aristocracy • Right to be free ~ Reason • Constantly improving society • Free religion, free individual ~ educated and involved with state Continue next recitation...
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