3.17 American Studies 100

3.17 American Studies 100 - Puritan (Winthrop and Bradford)...

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American Studies 100 Wednesday March 17th, 1999 Announcements: Class was Canceled due to Prof. Selzer's illness Recitation classes are still on schedule Lecture notes: Recitation Think about the relationship between religion, state, and the individual and how each is expressed differently in the following: "Religion" - Query XVII, Jefferson "What is an American" (III) - Crevecoeur " Model of Christian Charity" - Winthrop " Exclusion of Heretics" - Winthrop " Of Plymouth Plantation" - Bradford ** Also take into consideration the time frame and the American landscape
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Unformatted text preview: Puritan (Winthrop and Bradford) Direct relationship between the three They go hand in hand Private property not an option Having a place for religious practice, but not for other religions Jefferson Separation of Church and State Join State and Individual Opportunities Individuals comprise the State Rid false aristocracy Right to be free ~ Reason Constantly improving society Free religion, free individual ~ educated and involved with state Continue next recitation...
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