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Timothy Han GLS/LDS 102 3/25/06 Globalization In recent decades, the debate concerning globalization has been a major one. Many in the world have differing opinions on the subject, virtually tearing economic and political thinkers apart. One side of the argument say that globalization is for the benefit of poorer nations who not have the practical means to close the gap between themselves and the major economic powers of the world without it. The theory is that globalization will lead to a more openness in trade which will then lead to development of impoverished third world countries. This development will, in turn, inevitably lead to advantages such as an increase in standard of living and a more balanced distribution of wealth and poverty. Some even argue that globalization can reduce the effectiveness and frequency of terrorism in a developing nation. On the other hand, there are many who claim that globalization is not a benefit, but a detriment. They argue that this theory, while well intentioned, is in face widening the gap between the rich and the poor. In addition, some even argue further that globalization promotes war, compromises cultural integrity, and even threatens global security. Those that support globalization do so, generally, under the intention of helping
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GlobalizationEssay - Timothy Han GLS/LDS 102 3/25/06...

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