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Timothy Han Han 1 WRT 102.14 10/19/07 A Look Backward, Downward, and Forward In Randolph Bourne’s essay, “The Handicapped”, he talks about the side effects of having a physical, mental, or even financial affliction in the context of a society that does not seem to care. In Maxine Hong Kingston’s, “No Name Woman”, she writes on the consequences of her forgotten aunt’s actions as well as its circumstances, in the context of a harsh society. While both pieces are distinctly different, they have at least one thread connecting them. Both are a result of responding to the preset social standards of the world. Bourne calls it, “the world’s attitude toward such misfortunes” (57). However, the problem at hand is that this “attitude” is one of apathy. These two essays are indications that people simply do not care and that this position needs to change as soon as possible. Randolph Bourne’s, “The Handicapped” and Maxine Hong Kingston’s, “No Name Woman” are essays reflecting on the social injustices of the past and present and the need for social progression into the future. In Randolph Bourne’s Essay, “The Handicapped”, he discusses the plight of having a handicap in a world that does not seem to care. Throughout the essay, he seems determined to keep his description of the actual handicap vague, calling it a “bad impression of his physical defect” (57) or describing it as being “deformed” (58). And it is in my opinion that he stays vague specifically to shift to the main point: society needs to progress even further than it has. The struggle for a perfect society has not ended and yet, more and more people seem to “lay down their arms” every day. Bourne describes it as, “The deformed man is always conscious that the world does not expect very much
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Han 2 from him. And it takes him a long time to see in this a challenge instead of a firm pressing down to a low level of accomplishment.” (P. 58) Perhaps this social paradigm is
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InquiryEssay4Final - Timothy Han WRT 102.14 10/19/07 Han 1...

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