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Neal Johnson Team: Skye, Jenifer, Angelica Cell Biology Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Lab 2: Results Solution Litmus Color Acid/Base Hydrion Paper pH Meter Water ____ Neutral 6 or 7 7.26 Vinegar Red Acid 3 2.6 Sucrose Red Acid 4 or 5 3.52 Salt ____ Neutral 7 7.01 NaOH Blue Base 12 12.27 HCl Red Acid 1 1.09 Alcohol ____ Neutral
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Unformatted text preview: 7 8.05 Baking Soda Blue Base 9 9.23 The tums raised the pH of the HCl from 1.09 up to 6.27. Therefor the acid was not completely neutralized but it was very close. It also took 97 drops of NaOH to neut-ralize the sample of HCl....
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