Dialogue essay 2 - Johnson 1 My full name is Neal Allen...

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Johnson 1 My full name is Neal Allen Johnson. I was born in Tom’s River, New Jersey, on Novem- ber, third of 1988. My parents are Douglas Allen and Sara Beth Johnson. My parents have been missionaries from the time they got married. They worked with a mission called Helps Interna- tional Ministries, which helped other missions build and remodel their properties. They first moved to Brooklyn, New York. From there they moved to America’s Keswick, New Jersey, where I was born. There they helped a mission build a multipurpose center. Three months after I was born, my parents moved to Smithville, Missouri. I am telling you these things about me to encourage you in your quest of life. I don’t remember my move to Smithville, but I do remember living there. It is in Smithville that I first learned to ride a bike, play in sand box, and figured out where the right spots for catching frogs were. Most importantly though, it is where, at the age of four, I accepted Jesus into my heart and life. Though I was young in doing this, I can still remember the place where It happened, and the feelings in me. I was down the long hallway in my older brothers room, when I first felt the necessity of knowing I wasn’t going to Hell. I prayed, and when it was done I had no more worries about that problem. At least that is what I thought it meant to be a believer. When I was still four my family moved to Oak Park, Illinios, a suburb on the West side of Chicago. There I attended William Beye Elementary School. Being at school all day long was very different then staying at the house with my mom all day. At school I was exposed to what I will refer to as the “world.” Cursing, fighting, drugs, and sexual innuendo where new things to me. I knew these things were wrong but I still cursed occasionally, and enjoyed getting in tussles with other kids.
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Johnson 2 I was in third grade when I first went to summer camp. I attended Covenant Point Bible Camp in the upper peninsula of Michigan. There I experienced my first major high in my spir- itual life. I loved singing the camp songs, sitting by camp fires, and the whole environment of camp life. I recommitted my life to Jesus there, but this time not just for the sake of knowing I
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Dialogue essay 2 - Johnson 1 My full name is Neal Allen...

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