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Theology 1. God, Does God exist? What is the nature of God? 2. Is there only one God? 3. Is God a personal being? 4. Is God the kind of being that can know, love, and act? 5. Is God an impersonal force or power? Metaphysics- Ultimate Reality 1. What is the relationship between God and the universe? 2. Is the universe eternal? 3. Is the existence of the universe a fact? 4. Did an eternal omnipotent God create the world? 5. Is the world best understood in a non-purposeful way? 6. Is there a purpose in the universe? 7. What is the nature of the universe? 8. Is everything in the universe a self-enclosed system? 9. Can a supernatural reality act within nature? Epistemology- Knowledge 1. Is knowledge of the world possible? 2. Can we trust our senses? 3. What are the proper roles if reason and sense experience in knowledge? 4. Is truth relative or must truth be the same for all rational beings?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Is knowledge about God possible? Ethics and Morality 1. Why something is wrong? 2. Are there moral laws that govern human conduct? 3. Are moral laws the same for all human beings? 4. Is morality totally subjective? 5. Is there an objective dimension to our moral laws that means their truth is independent of our preferences and desires? 6. Are moral laws discovered or are they constructed by human beings? 7. Is morality relative to individuals or to other historic periods? Anthropology- Man 1. Are human beings free or are they pawns of determination? 2. Is there a alternate to these two extremes? 3. Does physical death end the existence of a human? 4. Or is there conscience survival after death? 5. Are there rewards and punishment after death? 6. Are Christian teachings about heaven and hell correct?...
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