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Neal Johnson Jan 25, 2007 Bible 11 Mr. Malczewski 2 Samuel 7 Outline I. God’s promise to David (7:1-17) A. David’s thought (7:1-2) B. Nathan receives God’s will (7:3-4) C. The Lord’s response to David (7:5-17) 1. God tell David He has not asked for a temple (7:5-7) 2. The Lord reminds David of what He has done for him (7:8) 3. God says David’s name will be great (7:9) 4. God says he will plant Israel in the promised land (7:10) 5. The Lord will give David rest from his enemies (7:11) 6. God promises David a royal line that will continue forever (7:12-17) II. David’s Prayer (7:18-29) A. David humbles himself (7:18-19) B. David praises God (7:20-24) C. David asks God to fulfill His covenant (7:25-29) 2 Samuel 7 Commentary 2 Samuel 7:1-2 In the bible it says that king David was settled into his palace, and that the Lord gave him rest from all his enemies. David was wondering why he had a huge palace to live in and God had just an old tent. David wanted to build God a more permanent home. If I had everything going my way I would not think twice about God. It surprises me how humble and unselfish king David was.
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2 Samuel 7:3-4 David consults Nathan so that he would know that he is in God’s will. Nathan told the king that he should build a temple for the Lord, Nathan totally agreed with King David’s proposal. This proposal could also be taken as a pagan act. In that time the pagans thought that all their gods wanted was to be happy, and have the people as slaves to them. This idea could have given King David the thought of build a better temple for the Lord, to appease Him. All God really wanted King David to do was watch over and shepherd His people Israel. 2 Samuel 7:5-17
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2nd sAm paper - Neal Johnson Bible 11 Mr Malczewski 2...

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