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1st Sam paper - Neal Johnson Bible 11 1st Samuel 8...

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Neal Johnson Bible 11 January 25, 2007 1st Samuel 8 Commentary Outline Samuel was old so he made his sons the new judges over Israel. Their names were Joel and Abijah. They didn’t follow God as there father did. They took bribes and perverted the justice. So the elders came to Samuel and asked him for a king to rule over them and lead them into battle. Samuel doesn’t like this request so he goes off to talk to God. God tells Samuel that the people have rejected Him as their King, not Samuel as their leader. Then the Lord told Samuel to tell the people what all the King would do for them. Samuel did as the Lord said but that Israelites would not hear him out. They said that they wanted to be like all the other nations. So Samuel told God and God said to give them a king. Commentary on 1 Sam 8:1-22 1 Sam. 8:1-3 Samuel was very old at this time, and he obviously thought that he was not fit to rule any more because he appointed his sons the new judges over Israel. His
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