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Johns Hopkins University Economics 180.334 Spring 2013 Midterm # 1 Thursday, February 21, 2013 Instructions: 1. Time limit: 70 minutes 2. Total number of points is 70. The number of points for each problem indicates the approximate time in minutes that should be allocated to the problem 3. The exam is closed book/notes. You are allowed to use a 1-sided, letter size, cheat sheet 4. You can use a hand calculator. Cellphones/Smartphones are not allowed 5. To receive full credit for your answers, you have to explain your calculations 6. When you conduct a hypothesis test, please state clearly: the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis, the formula and value of your test statistics, acceptance or rejection rules (based on correct critical values), and the outcome of your test 7. A standard normal cumulative distribution function is included at the back of this booklet Good luck! 1
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1. [12] Assume that the height of college students in inches is distributed according to N ( μ, 5). You have access to data on height of 110 college students. In your sample,
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