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Lab Disusion - There were some unexpected results There are...

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Neal Johnson Lab Report: Discussion Tuesday, May 12, 2009 Dr. Schau Table 1: Results of Beet root experiment Treatment Sample 1 Sample 2 Mean Untreated Control 75 C ˚ 70 C ˚ 65 C ˚ 60 C ˚ 55 C ˚ 50 C ˚ In this lab we tested the effects of heat on the rate at witch betacyanin exits a beet root plug into water. I hypothesized that heating the plugs would increace that rate that the betacyanin exits the beet. The reason I thought this was because as you add heat to a substance, you increase the kinetic energy of the substance. With all the particles moving faster and the increasing pressure inside the cell there would be a greater chance of leakage. (White, 2004) My results comply with my hypothesis. The greater the heat at which the plug was subjected to, the greater the rate of dispersion was. The higher numbers in the res- ults indicate that less light was passing through the test tube. The more betacyanin that passed out of the beet and into the cell, the higher the number on the results would be.
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Unformatted text preview: There were some unexpected results. There are many explanations for why these results could have come about. First, some of the beets were not in the heated water for the full time required. Another explanation would be that the incubator didn't function properly. Also when we put some of the beet plugs in the heated water, the water wasn't at the correct temperature. Some of the beet plugs were different sizes even though they were all supposed to be the same size. Not all of the test tubes had the correct amount of water in them either. To correct these problems I would have to repeat the experiment. I would take a lot more time in measuring and cutting the plugs and just being more precise in all my measurements. To further test this experiment I would use a different fruit other than a beet, and subject it to the same tests....
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