Confessions Book IX- Summary

Confessions Book IX- Summary - How she re-mained loving and...

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Neal Johnson Dialogue 1 P. Dibley Monday, May 11, 2009 Confessions Book IX - Summary Augustine is now a believer. He quits his job because he knew that he had to spend more time with God now. Also he has chest pains that would have taken him away from his job any- way. When Augustine decided to be a Catholic two of his friends also converted. Augustine now had lots of time to just read and write. He read the Psalms and was greatly moved by them. He thinks about how to help all the people who have still not come to know the truth. After be- ing baptized, Augustine starts helping and participating more in the on-goings of the church. Now Augustine goes on to praise his mom for all the good she has done.
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Unformatted text preview: How she re-mained loving and faithful with her husband. That she was able to bring around her husband to be baptized before he died. He also acknowledges the major role she played in his own choice to commit to the Lord. Augustine then writes about this amazing experience he has with his mom. Both of them almost experience what they think heaven will be like, and the gift of eternal life. After they share this moment together Augustine’s mother dies. He doesn't grieve over her be-cause he knows that she is going to heaven, but he is still sad....
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