Confessions Book VI- Summary

Confessions Book VI- Summary - was after After a bit more...

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Neal Johnson Dialogue I Thursday, May 7, 2009 Confessions Book VI: Summary This book begins with Augustine talking about his mom. He acknowledges her for helping him in the transition he went through. He also talks about Ambrose. Au- gustine wanted to meet with Ambrose, but Ambrose always had lots of work to do. Am- brose amuses Augustine with his preaching. Augustine likes how Ambrose interprets different parts of the bible. This also encourages Augustine to go deeper into the word, and see what interpretations he can come up with himself. Augustine also finds himself attracted to the idea of belief because of your faith, and not have to prove the Bible truth through reason. Augustine then talks about a beggar he sees on the side of the road. He says that the beggar, who was drunk, had already achieved the happiness that Augustine
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Unformatted text preview: was after. After a bit more thought on the matter Augustine concludes that the beggar has not achieved true joy. But in trying to achieve true joy Augustine was in much pain and anxiety. The beggar had none of this. Now Augustine talks about his two good friends Nebridius and Alypius. He says that they are all have the same end in sight, but each is choosing his own way of getting to the goal. Augustine had quite the sexual appetite. But knowing that the church only condoned sex in the context of marriage made Augustine want to get married. His bride to be is a twelve year. He also liked the idea of getting married because of the money that would come with the bride....
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