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Confessions Book VII- Summary

Confessions Book VII- Summary - will of God Augustine has a...

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Neal Johnson Dialogue 1 P. Dibley Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Confessions Book VII- Summary Augustine basically wrestles with the idea of God, and the idea of sin in the world, throughout the whole book. He takes sides with the Neoplatonic philosophy about the world. Augustine tries to view God as omnipotent, purely good, and transcendent. He has trouble with this because his mind is set on viewing thing as substances. How could God exist if was no where to be seen? Then he goes on to ponder about sin. If God is all powerful and only good can come from him, then why does sin exist in the world? He realizes that God has given all people free will, and that sin comes into existence when people choose to turn away from the
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Unformatted text preview: will of God. Augustine has a vision, epiphany of sorts. For the first time he is able to fully understand the existence of God. By not thinking about an actually substance that could be interpreted as God-like, he looks inside of himself and goes over the wall that was keeping him from under-standing. His experience is short lived. He attributes this to his lack of faith in Jesus Christ. At this time in his life he thinks of Jesus not as a divine person, but just as a person with lots of wis-dom that God chose to do his will....
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