Franky - Neal Johnson English 12 Ms. Williams 3/14/07...

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Neal Johnson English 12 Ms. Williams 3/14/07 Frankenstein: Who is the real monster? Throughout the book Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, we learn of the similarities and differences between Victor and his creation. Although most would say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, these two character progress toward opposite personalities. By looking at different parts of their lives, their true natures can be discovered. The creator, Victor, should be thought as the better of the two characters, but his irrationality leads him to become the true monster of the story. The two “monsters” of the story are Victor Frankenstein and his humanlike creation. Victor grows up in a well off family, “I am by birth a Genevese; and my family is one of the most distinguished of that republic.”(27) He has all he wants as a child, maybe even becomes a little spoiled. His family loved and cared for him, he always had someone to talk to. The monster grows up with no family at all. At his birth, or creation, the monster is abandoned by Victor. Soon after being abandoned, he learns no one loves or cares for him. Victor tells us, “particularly chemistry, in the most comprehensive sense of the word, became nearly my sole occupation.”(46) He considers his job to be a scientist. The monster’s job was to just survive in the life he had. They had very different personalities. Victor was pretty introverted. We can see this because he worked
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Franky - Neal Johnson English 12 Ms. Williams 3/14/07...

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