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Neal Johnson Dialogue I Thursday, May 7, 2009 Book 1 Augustine starts the book by telling the reader that all men are made by God for Himself. He questions how a person’s faith first begins. Do we first seek God or does God seek us. he goes on to describe God or state his qualities. God is omnipresent, omnipotent, everlast- ing, and he is the begging of all that is good. Then Augustine starts to talk about his infancy. He ponders upon the question of if anything exist before childhood. He knows that only God has the answer to this because He is the beginning, middle, and end. Aug discovers that even at this age he was still a sinner. He talks about his jealously and inability to share. He is grateful for the gifts God has given him. Aug talks about the beginning of his education and how education got
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Unformatted text preview: in the way of his relationship with God. He did not get baptized as a boy because his mother wanted him to have experienced the world first. Aug says that the books he read in school por-trayed immoral acts as being “godly.” Book 2 Here Augustine has passed through puberty and is now a full man. His dad is proud ,but his mom is fearful of what might happen while he is away. As a teenager he enjoyed breaking the laws because it made him feel more in control than God. With his friends they stole pears from a mans tree even though then didn't need them, they just liked the trill of doing wrong. Aug tells us that he probably wouldn't have stolen the pears if it were not for the peer pressure. He also enjoyed telling stories of sexual escapades with the ladies....
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