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Homework Assignment 4

Homework Assignment 4 - Joseph Mullan BA302 HOMEWORK...

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Joseph Mullan BA302 H OMEWORK A SSIGNMENT 4-5-2007 P. 194 1. The two elements that must exist for a person to be held liable for a crime are that they must have performed a prohibited act, and that specific state of mind or intent existed in the person committing the crime. A corporation can be held liable for criminal acts committed by their employees or agents acting on the corporation’s behalf, since a corporation is a legal person or entity it can be held liable for crimes committed. 3. Some defenses used to avoid criminal liability include infancy, intoxication, insanity, mistake, consent, duress, justifiable use of force, entrapment, and statute of limitations. 5. A cyber crime is a crime that occurs on the internet, not in the physical world. Several laws that have been applied for cyber crimes include the computer fraud and abuse act, federal wire fraud statute, economic espionage act, RICO, and the electronic fund transfer act.
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