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BIO 120 spring 2008 Bruno soffientino Quiz 2 multiple choice Which feature seen in chytrids supports the hypothesis that fungi represent a sister kingdom to animalia? a. flagellated adult stage b. coenocytic hyphae c. flagellated spores d. parasitic lifestyle e. chitinous cell wall The organism that associated symbiotically with a fungus to form a lichen is often a. brown alga b. an ascomycete c. a small vascular plant d. a photosynthetic euglinid e. a green alga the most important consequence of indeterminate cleavage a. the arrangement of cleavage planes oblique to the vertical axis b. the formation of either schizocoelous mesoderm c. the anus developing where the blastopore is d. the ability of isolated blastula cells to develop into a viable individual
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Unformatted text preview: e. the formation of the archenteron the two most basal phyla among animals are a. annelida and arthropoda b. arthropoda and nematode c. porifera and cnidaria d. cnidaria and echinodermata e. porifera and echinodermata and animal’s input of energy and material would exceed its outputs if a. the animal is actively foraging for food b. the animal is and endotherm, which must always take in more energy to support it high metabolic rate c. the animal is growing and increasing its biomass d. the animal is and ectotherm that spends a lot of time standing still e. the homeostatic mechanisms that keep things balanced don’t work properly...
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